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5th Wheel Hitch Installation: A Complete Guide For Beginners

A fifth wheel is an additional vehicle that can be connected via hitch. But it is not possible without performing the 5th wheel hitch installation process. You can install the hitch by yourself or hire a professional installer. Before installing the hitch, you should determine the floor plan, color scheme, and other things. The installation process depends on the type of fifth wheel hitch as well. Before you start the installation process, you must be aware of the steps, including measuring, drilling, and connecting parts. This post contains a detailed guide on the installation process of the 5th wheel hitch. But before that, let’s understand what a 5th wheel hitch is. 

What Is A 5th Wheel Hitch?

Before starting the installation process, understand the fifth wheel hitch. It is equipment that mounts easily into the bed of the vehicle. With the help of a hitch, a fifth-wheel RV can connect to the vehicle. However, it looks similar to the back of the semi-hitching system. Once it connects to the towing axle, it provides a smooth towing experience. The process of connecting vehicles with a hitch is quite easy. Anyone can perform the hitching and unhitching process by following simple steps.

Different Types Of Fifth Wheel Hitch

You have a choice to choose from different types of fifth-wheel hitches. It depends on the type and model of the vehicle. Although, every hitch is easily installed in the bed of the vehicle. The three types of fifth wheel hitches are as follows:

Slide Hitch

Slide hitch is one of the most affordable hitches. It can lock around the pin automatically. These hitches are suitable for short trips. The disadvantage of this hitch is that it doesn’t lock tightly and causes noise during the movement.

Dual Jaw Hitch

It is the upgraded version of the slide bar hitch. A dual jaw hitch costs more than a slide bar hitch. Although, you need to close this hitch around the pin manually. It causes less noise during the hauling.

Single Jaw Hitch

A single jaw hitch offers the least noise and secure connection between RV and truck. It is the best hitch which comes at a high cost. You have to close the hitch manually once it is in its position. You can expect a smooth towing process as it connects strongly with a pin.

Can I Install A Fifth-Wheel Hitch By Myself?

It is possible to install a fifth wheel hitch using a DIY process. However, performing the installation can be difficult for you. The process involves attaching frame brackets, rails, and fifth wheel hitch. We advise you to hire an installation service provider. The installer has good knowledge of drilling, structure frame, and many more steps. The drilling process will be hard if you purchase a custom hitch kit. Thus, to ensure the proper installation of the 5th wheel hitch, you should go for a professional hitch installer. 

List Of Tools Needed For Installation

In the hitch installation process, there is a need for some common tools. Here is the list of tools needed for the fifth wheel hitch:

  • Drill Machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Torque wrench
  • Lift/Jack(s)
  • Electrical wiring kit

Process Of Fifth Wheel Hitch Installation

The process of hitch installation is simple. However, it seems confusing when you don’t have proper knowledge of the tools. Fifth-wheel hitch installers perform the process in the following steps:


Most of the fifth-wheel hitch kits are designed for tow vehicles. In such cases, a professional installer positions it per your vehicle’s needs. This kit’s advantage is that it doesn’t involve drilling new holes. After that, the expert checks where to install the hitch on the vehicle.

Install Railing

In the next step, the installer measures the area for installing rails. After that, the hitch installer drills the bolts and attaches brackets. The role of brackets is to secure the railing with the vehicle’s frame.

Hitch Installation

In this step, the installer assembles the fifth wheel hitch on top of the rails. Now, the hitch is attached using the bolts included in your hitch kit. During this step, the installer tightens the bolts to secure the position of the hitch. 

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Complete The Process

Once the fifth wheel hitch installs properly, it’s time to install a brake controller harness. A hitch installer better performs this step. If you plan to perform it yourself, take the mechanic’s assistance. It allows the RV breaking system to engage with your vehicle system. Without the proper installation, it’s difficult for you to stop the vehicle completely. In the end, attach your RV or trailer to the coupler of the fifth wheel hitch. 

How Long Does The Fifth Wheel Installation Process Take?

The total time needed for the installation process depends on your approach. If you install the hitch yourself, it will take more time. However, when you choose the 5th wheel hitch installation service, the process will take 3-5 hours.
The total time also depends on the model of your truck and the type of hitch. Some hitches require removing the heat shields, which need more time.

Why Choose Us As Your Fifth Wheel Hitch Installer?

5th wheel hitch installation requires knowledge of the right installation steps, as the incorrect installation can cause damage to your vehicle. Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation are among the best 5th wheel hitch installers Glendale. Our experts are known to perform the installation by taking care of your vehicle. By choosing us, you will receive:

  • Same-day assistance
  • Affordable rates
  • Hassle-free process
  • Quality products
  • Customer support

Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation also sell towing equipment. We have high-quality products which make the towing process smooth. Moreover, we provide installation services in different hitches, light wiring systems, tail lights, and diode light wiring. Contact us to get a hitch and towing installer in Glendale, Arizona.


Installation cost depends on the setup of your hitch and vehicle. The average cost to install a fifth wheel hitch is $80 to $250. It also depends on the needs of drilling and additional labor cost. It will help if you discuss your requirements with hitch installers to get a better offer.

When you choose the hitch, you should consider the following things:

  • Weight and size of your trailer or RV.
  • Length of your vehicle bed.
  • Model of hitch
  • Price of hitch kit
  • Do you want a hitch to be removable or not.

Various hitch installation kits come with the necessary hardware. The universal kits allow you to complete the installation process by yourself. You can install the hitch easily if you know how to drill and position the rails.

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