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A Guide On Supplemental Braking System

You will find various situations when you need your vehicle to get towed on the road. From vehicle outbreak in the middle of your journey to wrong parking, there are numerous reasons you will want your vehicle to get attached to a towing machine. This is when a supplemental braking system comes into the frame. A supplemental braking system is a unique but advanced system developed to break your towed vehicle appropriately when connected with a motor vehicle or any towing vehicle. There are many designs of a supplemental braking system, and each has its own set of advantages. However, all of these designs work around the same formula, i.e., to simultaneously put the brakes on the towed vehicle when you apply them on the motor home on towing vehicle.

A supplemental braking system basically connects the vehicle electrically to the towing vehicle. Also, if you are someone who wants to get your vehicle towed using your motor home, you should definitely go for supplemental braking systems. These braking systems are also important to avoid any catastrophic situations. At times because of certain circumstances, people stop the vehicle in a hurry and fear, which can be destructive to the towing system. The supplemental braking systems will help minimize towing and motorhome risks. Therefore, it is definite that if you wish to get a vehicle towed behind a motorhome or a caravan, you require the assistance of a supplemental braking system

Reasons You Should Use Supplemental Braking Systems:

Undoubtedly, the help provided by supplemental braking systems is one of the most analyzed topics amongst motorhome owners. A supplemental braking system can make a huge difference between avoiding an accident and ending a trip to the nearest repair shop. Here are some of the top grounds that can justify the need for supplemental braking systems:

1. Safety

Utilizing a supplemental braking system allows the motor homeowner to experience a safe, secure, and supervised towing experience. It happens because the towed vehicle and the motorhome come to a halt at the same time since brakes are applied jointly. Therefore, supplemental braking systems are extremely helpful in evading any accidents and collisions.

2. Less stress

Using a supplemental braking system provides one of the biggest advantages of reducing the stress from both vehicles, i.e., your motorhome and the towed vehicle, and providing a favorable situation. It shrinks the probability of any major damage or bodily harm and lessens the chances it travels into the path of nearing traffic. Your motorhome is definitely not developed and designed to pause and end the extra weight of a vehicle that is towed with it. It is because even if the braking tendency of your motorhome is better than the weight of the vehicle, there are fewer chances that the brakes of the motorhome will be able to handle the stress while striving to brake that dinghy.

The vehicle that is towed doesn’t have a functional brake. Therefore, it relies on the motorhome’s force to cease. This exerted pressure impacts the vehicle by affixing unnecessary pressure, which is certainly bad for it. Furthermore, even the tires and wheels of the towed vehicle will be burdened if you are not using a supplemental braking system. But to clear this issue, you should use the braking system to manage the stress applied to the vehicles.

3. Liability issues

Motor-home manufacturers have conveyed a limit on the weight that can be towed on it without employing supplemental braking systems. However, if someone doesn’t follow it, not only do they push themselves closer to the danger of damaging their motorhomes or collisions, but they also increase their chances of facing liability issues. Therefore, if you don’t want to face these problems or get a warranty void, you should use brakes when you exceed the recommended weight.

4. Long-lasting tow bar

Tow system failures are one of the major issues that several motorhome owners are facing. Stopping hurriedly at locations without using a supplemental braking system is a significant cause that leads to the collapse of the tow system. Without an adequate braking system, you have a higher chance of being in a catastrophic situation because when the pressure exerted by the towed vehicle is more than what the tow bar can handle, it becomes problematic. However, by employing a supplemental braking system, you focus on your vehicle braking simultaneously, thus reducing the burden on the tow bar.


We believe a supplemental braking system is extremely important to avoid fateful situations. Moreover, many states have declared adding supplemental brakes on vehicles is mandatory if exceeding a certain weight limit. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of supplemental brakes is safety, but numerous other reasons justify the addition of brakes to vehicles. 

Wear and tear, depreciation and attrition- supplemental brakes are highly helpful in dealing with such scenarios and the vehicle’s frame. So because of all these reasons, the towed vehicle lasts longer when integrated with supplemental brakes. It just makes perfect sense — Every trailer today uses a supplemental braking system — fifth wheels, semi-trailers — they also have their braking systems. So when you’re towing some extra tons— shouldn’t you employ a supplemental braking system to manage it? Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation take care of every requirement in case of braking systems. Our supplemental braking systems are efficient and effective and are easy to install. Also, our supplemental brakes are cost-efficient compared to other braking systems, and we strive to offer our customers quality services by providing 100% product testing with 200% critical components.


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