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Professional & Affordable Gooseneck Hitch Installation Glendale

Installing a gooseneck hitch is one of the best to offer stability to your truck when you are planning to move heavy weights with it. Most people look for professional gooseneck hitch installation Glendale when they need more stability in their hitch. However, before you proceed with installing this to your truck, ensure to remember a few things. And what things are we talking about here? This blog will first explain what a gooseneck hitch is, followed by things you should know before gooseneck hitch installation. Furthermore, we will also discuss how much it costs for Gooseneck Hitch Installation. So, let’s explore all about Gooseneck Hitch.

What Is A Gooseneck Hitch?

So, first thing first, what is a gooseneck hitch? It is one of the hitch types that you can install directly on the bed of the pickup truck. Professional help is recommended to get a better finish of the installation process. The role of a gooseneck hitch is to help spread the trailer weight. Like fifth-wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches can also help trucks pull heavy loads, which are quite difficult to manage using the average receiver hitches. You should know that fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches are created specifically for such types of pickups and heavy-duty trucks. If a vehicle doesn’t come with a flatbed, the chances of installing a gooseneck hitch become close to none. Searching for a gooseneck hitch that works for light pickup trucks with a trailer bed isn’t easy. The price for a gooseneck hitch is generally costly since most gooseneck hitch kits present in the market are designed for heavy towing, and you will not find any other use for them other than that. So, if you are installing a gooseneck hitch in your trailer, it’s obvious you will do some heavy pulling with it. So, now we know what a gooseneck hitch is. Let’s proceed by knowing things you must know when going for gooseneck hitch installation.

You Must Look For The Perfect Place To Install

While driving a truck with a load at the back, your gooseneck hitch will play a significant role. Since there will be many turns on the road, you must look for a place that perfectly suits the gooseneck installation. So, how will you measure the perfect location for the truck you are using to tow? You should start measuring the location from the back of the vehicle. Experts recommend 36 inches if you want to get the right placement. People prefer this distance since it makes it really easy to take sharp and wide turns. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about vehicle or trailer damage. Do you think the distance is considerably large for the particular service body or vehicle? In that case, you can try to reduce the distance by removing some inches to adjust.

There Are Chances For Modifications

Before going for gooseneck hitch installation Glendale, modifying the vehicle may be essential. So, if you need the hitch ball safely attached to the vehicle frame, firstly, you need to drill a hole centered on the truck’s bed. Suppose you have a smaller bed than a bigger one in your vehicle. In that case, calling in Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation professionals is recommended.

A DIY Approach Or Hire A Professional

So, you want to install a gooseneck hitch? You can either use the DIY approach or take professional help. To install the hitch without help, you first need to gather tools like a saw, drills, and a wrench. Having a ruler or measuring tape is also one of the essential tools you need for the entire installation process. You will keep measuring the side and edges since you need the right place to install the hitch. If you are someone without the needed skills to complete the process or are looking for some fabrication, your best bet would be to take professional help. A professional hitch installation company can also help install the hitch automatic brake control system. Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation offer the best quality tools for completing the installation process at affordable prices.

Not Every Gooseneck Installation Will Work For You

Are you planning to buy a second-hand truck that already has a gooseneck hitch installed? Remember that hitch on it is not going to be universal. Each trailer is unique, and the vehicle you buy will have a hitch that suits the last trailer. So, before you attach the trailer to your truck, ensure to do all the measurements beforehand. Doing this will confirm the safety of the vehicle and trailer. What if the measurement doesn’t suit your trailer? In that case, call in experts to install a gooseneck hitch at the place that suits your trailer.

What’s The Installation Cost Of A Gooseneck Hitch?

On average, a person can spend around $775 to $3000 if they want to install a gooseneck hitch on their truck. The price variation is based on the type of gooseneck you choose and where you want it installed. The major factor about the varying cost is the hitch size you want for your car. So, ensure to do some research for starting the hitch installation process. Look at the following to calculate the price you will pay for the gooseneck installation:


So, the first step to hitch installation is the hitch you will use. If we talk about gooseneck hitches particularly, you get many options to choose from, and all of them cost differently. Suppose you choose the hitch with a higher towing capacity. You will get better end looks and more features, but be ready to pay a big price.

Don’t want to spend too much on gooseneck installation? You can try an above-bed hitch. The price for such a hitch can be as low as $250. And this hitch allows you to carry up to 25,000 pounds. It’s cheap in comparison but can take a significant truck bed space. So, if the space you are sacrificing is important, you may try another, more expensive solution.

Another good thing about the above-bed hitch is that the installation process is fairly easy.
You can easily save cost on labor with this hitch. In addition, you can simply remove it if there is no need for it. Once you remove it, you can get access back to the truck bed space.The price will surely increase if you consider adding features to the hitch. So, if your goal is to keep the price low, it is best to go along with the normal hitch.

Suppose we move toward the fold-down trailer hitch, except to pay an additional $100 to $150 for every kit you buy. What’s good about this option? You can get faster access to the bed when you are not using this hitch. To gain extra space, fold the tow ball when it is not in use. If you add another $100 to your current budget, you can get the below-the-bed trailer hitch. So, the total cost spent will be about $500. Undoubtedly, you will get better features and quality if you buy an expensive quality hitch. 


Now, you have decided on the hitch you want for your trailer. The next step will be managing the labor cost. They can cost you a significant amount based on the hitch type you decide on. You can look for companies that offer hitch installation in your area and compare their prices. Ensure to consider their experience as well before finalizing the service provider. Instead of going for the cheapest quote, go for the one proving the top value. The time requires installing a gooseneck hitch can be either thirty minutes or a few hours. The labor rates range from around $75 to $200 per hour. So, the total installation cost will depend on the amount you pay for the labor per hour. Going for a cheaper quote, but unprofessional labor can cost you more, as they will take too much time installing the hitch. 


If you are planning gooseneck hitch installation Glendale, make sure you know which hitch you want for your vehicle. Research and measure your vehicle sides to find the best spot to install the hitch. The price you pay for the hitch and labor cost will vary greatly based on your hitch choice and the expertise of the labor. At Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation, we offer the best hitch installation services at the best prices. We have our shop for equipment and tools that will surely suit your vehicle. With years of experience and quality products, we have a never-ending line of satisfied customers. So, if you are looking for a gooseneck hitch installer near me, call us at (623) 210-5427. Our experts will be there for you as soon as possible.


You can either take professional help or install a gooseneck hitch yourself. To install it without expert help, you may need certain tools. It is best to call in experts for a better experience.

If your goal is recreation towing, you may go for a fifth-wheel hitch in your vehicle. On the other hand, you can use a gooseneck hitch if you need the truck for commercial and farming towing.

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