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Professional Trailer Hitch Installation Service In Glendale

Having a trailer connected to your car makes moving things easy. If you are planning to shift to a new location, a trailer can make it a lot easier to carry your belongings to that new location. Furthermore, a trailer can also help your daily activities if you travel a lot. So, if you have decided to use a trailer, you first need to look for an expert who offers a trailer hitch installation service in Glendale
Another popular name for the trailer hitch is the tow hitch. There are many forms of trailer hitches, so make sure you go for a high-quality tow hitch only. It will help you confirm your safety and safe travel. The hitch you choose will primarily depend upon the weight of your trailer. So, look for your trailer weight to ensure you have the right hitch. Also, a wrong hitch can end up disastrous in many cases.
So, wondering where you can find a trailer hitch installer near me. Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation offer the best hitch installation services at affordable rates. Here you will learn everything about trailer hitch installation, which includes what it is, its different types, and the best hitch installer near you.

Understanding Trailer Hitch

First, let’s know what a trailer hitch is. It is a device you connect to your vehicle back using various tools with the help of labor. When your vehicle has a tow hitch, you can easily connect it to a trailer. There is a long list of different trailer hitches, and whether you want one will mainly depend on what you plan to tow with your car. You can choose a permanent tow hitch or one you can remove when not in use. However, most trailer hitches aren’t removable and stay on your vehicle permanently. Experts who offer the tow hitch installation service can help you determine which trailer hitch will be best for your vehicle by judging the trailer weight.

What Are Various Forms Of Trailer Hitches?

So, now we know what a tow or trailer hitch is. Next, we should learn about different types of trailer hitches. You will find it surprising how many choices you have for trailer hitches. If you go for a complicated hitch, it is better to call a professional hitch installation service, as they can help you connect the hitch to the truck you own. There are five classes of tow hitch, which depend upon the receiver tube size and towing capacity. So, the higher the hitch is able to pull, the better its class will be. The first type, class one hitches, can only tow around 2,000 lbs. On the other hand, class five hitch can tow up to 20,000 lbs without breaking any sweat. If you are interested in various forms of hitches, look below:

  • Custom tow hitch


  • Receiver style hitch


  • Fixed tongue hitch
  • Bolt-on tow hitch


  • Pintle hitch


  • 5th wheel hitch


  • Weight distribution hitch
  • Gooseneck hitch

Can You Install The Trailer Hitch Yourself?

Yes, many blogs and YouTube tutorials showcase how to install a trailer hitch on a car. If you have experience installing a hitch and the right tools, you can surely do it yourself if you want. However, it is not advisable to do it if the hitch you have is complicated and your trailer is on the heavy side. Consider taking professional hitch installation services for such situations. So, you will stay worry-free since expert installers are working on your car. Moreover, a professional will install the trailer hitch in much less time than you would have.

What Is Included In Professional Trailer Hitch Installation?

A Professional trailer hitch installer is the ultimate one-stop solution for your needs. They not only offer installation service but also complete your needs for different tow hitch parts as they have an exclusive shop for that. 

The following are services that a professional hitch installer offers:

  • Firstly, confirming the hitch and vehicle compatibility with each other.
  • After that, they will mount a hitch on the truck and tighten related bolts.
  • They may use the drill machine while installation if it is needed. 
  • Testing and reviewing the trailer hitch safety once the installation process is complete.

So, with professional services, you ensure that the hitch is connected safely and rightly on the first attempt. Want to know more about professional tow hitch installation services? Here are three reasons to choose an expert hitcher installer:

Offer Safety To Your Load

A person can pull many things in their trailer. It can be their home accessories or maybe some big speakers for a party. Also, you always want your load to arrive at the destination without facing any damage or going into accidents. Hence, with professional hitch installation, you will not have to worry about load safety.

Top Quality With Long Life

A quality hitch becomes necessary if you want the hitch to have a long life. There are cheap quality hitches, but you will have to change them every year, which can be tiring. A professional hitch installer can offer you quality hitches at affordable rates that will last long. 


Your safety is a priority when carrying a trailer with your vehicle. A poor and loose tow hitch can give a disastrous experience you will not want. Professional towing hitch installation services prioritize your safety and come with enough features to make your road journey much safer.

What Is The Installation Cost For A Trailer Hitch?

There isn’t any fixed cost to tow hitch installation, as the price will primarily depend on your chosen services provider and vehicle type. On average, you can pay about $100 to $150 for the general hitch installation. The price will increase with the complicated hitch, and the time it takes to install on your truck. Furthermore, be ready to pay a good amount for hitch parts. They typically cost around $25 to $200.


So, if you are inexperienced and want a safe and quality trailer hitch installation service in Glendale, contact a professional hitch installer. The installation and hitch cost will vary depending on what hitch you choose, the vehicle you are driving, and the trailer weight. Contact Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation to experience quality tools, equipment, and trailer hitch installation services. Call us at (623) 210-5427 to connect with our professional hitch installers.


The starting cost of the hitch installation is $100, which can go up to $800. You also need to buy the parts for the tow hitch, which can cost about $150-$200.

For starters, hitch installation can take around 30 minutes, which can turn into hours depending on how much experience installers have, the tools they use, and the type of vehicle and its condition.

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