Bills Mobile Hitch & Tow Bar Installation

Tow Bar Installation


Tow Bar Installation

Are you searching for a new fifth-wheel hitch for your vehicle? Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation will assist you in picking the perfect hitch and offer premium tow bar installation services for your vehicle in Glendale AZ. A towbar is a great tool that connects a vehicle to an RV for flat towing. It includes using shank, pivoting arms, and attachment tabs to couple the two vehicles together. As soon as the installation is done, your vehicle(also called dinghy in this case) is ready to be towed to any suitable place.

However, fixing a towbar is much more complex than you expect; it is not simply attaching it to your rear bumper. Every car is different, and thus each has a different fitting requirement. And when it comes to towbar fitting, professional handling, precision, and expertise are mandatory. You must take the assistance of a professional fitter along with step-by-step instructions that come with each towbar. 


If you want a smooth towing service with a quick installation, nothing compares to Bills Mobile Hitch And Tow Bar Installation. Our tow bar installation service for a flat tow requires only minor modifications to your vehicle and enables you to tow your car or trailer as soon as it is installed. If you find it difficult, you can take our installation services for a permissive ride and journey.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Where can I get a tow bar fitted to my car?

You should contact the tow bar installation company located in your area. Bills Hitch and Tow Bar Installation provide tow bar essential equipment and installation services in Glendale, Arizona. Our certified installer will fit a high-quality tow bar to your car.

Are tow bars universal?

Yes, many tow bars are universal and installed easily on any vehicle. These tow bars come with a universal head assembly that is adjustable. To explore high-quality tow bars for your vehicle, contact us.

Can I install a tow bar myself?

Yes, you can install a tow bar by yourself only if you have good mechanical knowledge. There are various DIY installation processes available out there. The tow bar installation process includes drilling, rail positioning, and assembling. It is advised to hire a professional tow bar installer for the safety of your vehicle.