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What are the ways to install a fifth wheel hitch?

A fifth wheel is an additional vehicle connected to your RV, Semi-truck, or SUV via a hitch. Hitch functions as a connector manually located on your vehicle, and you should always take the assistance of a fifth-wheel hitches service provider for better comfort and convenience. This blog contains the details of installing a fifth wheel hitch and when you should take the help of a hitch service provider. Remember that it is a bit tiresome initially, but once you start measuring, drilling, and connecting things, you will enjoy this process. Plus, it will give you a sense of satisfaction. Once you decide to go on a journey with your dear ones, the fifth wheel hitch will become your best friend, and you will never be tense about accommodation or exploring a decent place to eat because you will have everything in a single place.

Steps to install fifth wheel hitch

Installing a fifth-wheel hitch on your vehicle is not as easy as you may feel, but with the appropriate tools and steps, you can do it yourself. Firstly, you should understand your truck’s load capacity; after verifying the capacity, it is important to understand if it can carry the weight of your new vehicle. Secondly, you should install it in the bed of your truck, as it will help you understand the entire process. It is important to understand the entire process before executing anything, and for correct tools, you should always get in touch with a hitch service provider. Here are some steps to install a fifth wheel hitch:

1. Proper Positioning

You can purchase a specific installation kit designed for your tow vehicle from a reliable company. These would be preferred over the universal kits as they will simplify the project. But, first, you must check your manufacturer’s installation instructions to find the perfect position in the truck bed to install your fifth wheel hitch. Your hitch should be near the center of your truck bed for optimal towing and proper load distribution.

2. Installing the rails

The rail kit is the most important part of your hitch. Remember that if you have a plastic lining, remove it because you cannot install rails over a liner. Once you know where the rails should be placed, the exciting part begins with drilling your bolts and attaching the brackets to secure the rails to the frame of your truck. To prevent damage and destruction to the truck, you can use spacers once the rails and frame are anchored into the frame.

3. Installing your hitch

Following instructions, assemble your fifth wheel hitch on top of the rails. Next, align the hitch with your front and rear rails and attach it with bolts and hardware. The last step is to secure the bolts. All required hardware will be available in the installation kit.

4. Completing the Installation

As the fifth wheel hitch is properly fastened into your truck bed, it’s time to install a brake controller harness. It helps to engage your braking system to the truck’s brake engagement, and if you don’t have a brake controller harness, it’s not easy to cease it because you require an extender. Once you have completed your fifth wheel hitch installation, you can attach the pin to the coupler. When the entire process is completed, you will get a hassle-free ride without jerking or scraping.


Bravo, as you have completed the fifth wheel hitch installation, acknowledge that this process is a companion for all your travel adventures. Picking out the perfect fifth wheel to spend quality time with your family is fun and will be your best fellow on the roads as it will provide you comfort and practicality. Furthermore, every step in hitch installation is related, making the steps dependent on each other. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes and to save energy, it is advised to take the assistance of a reliable hitch service provider. So have the courage to take this option next time you go on a long trip and experience how the fifth wheel makes everything easier for you. Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation look after every demand for selling and installing fifth wheel hitches. Our hitches are efficient, easy to install, and will make your travel journey wholesome and worthy.


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